Friday, December 12, 2008

Keeping busy!

Just a quick little update for everyone.

Things are going great for the company right now. We are keeping busy. We are flooded with orders, and in talks with a few dirretent bike shop owners around the country about carrying our bags. I just bought a new sewing machine, and am finaly able to hire on a few friends to help out with the day to day operation. This will mean faster turn around time on orders, as well as me being able to finally have enough time to design some new products, and keep the blog a bite more up to date. Stay tuned guys, we have some great stuff in the works. We should be introducing a few new products right around the beginning of the new year.

Thanks to everyone for all of support and encouragement. It means alot, and keeps us going. You really have to love something, to be able to do it 10hrs a day 7 days a week, and the e-mails I receive from time to time, filled with kind words, makes it even more worth while! Anyways, I need to go make some bags, stay posted for updates on upcoming products!

Thanks again, and take care!

Transient Bag Co.

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