Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hey everyone, sorry we have been lagging a bit on updates. This have been (as always) crazy around here, between setting up new wholesale accounts, developing new products, and working second jobs, we have barely had any time to stop and catch our breath.

Just to try and catch you all up to speed, we have developed some new products which are currently being tested and beaten on, we will have photo's up very soon. We have also added some new colors to our arsenal! As of today, we have added a Forest Green Cordula, as well as Camouflage! Coming up in the next week or so, our bags will also be coming in Bubblegum Pink, as well as Teal!

(check our store for more pics)

Here's some info on some upcoming events we are sponsoring:

For all of you LA heads, you guys should really head out to this next weekend, and support your local messengers, as they compete for a top spot and a paid trip to the 2009 NAAC's in Boston this summer! Even if you don't want to race, you should really still come and hang out, it's a blast!

And for everyone else, Hit up one of the races in a town near you. Good luck!

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