Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Limited Edition Medic Series

Just wrapped on a few of these and they look AMAZING! It all boils down to a personal preference, but I have always found that some things become better and more appealing with age, be it Bourbon, a bike, or a messenger bag.
Something about a bike that is absolutely Immaculate and void of a speck of dirt/grease has always rubbed me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, they look great on the show room floor, or prior to a race, but on the street? No. Your bike looks silly, and like you spend more attention on polishing it, than actually using and riding it. Kind of like the folks that wash their shoe laces, and take a toothbrush and an hour of their time to clean up their kicks every evening. Thats just never been my style. Whenever I manage to make it out of my Bag-cave, and see a sticker-bombed bike, covered in dings, and chips in the paint, it makes me smile. To me, that is a bike that has been truely loved, a bike that has been ridden, and used on a regular basis, and has the character to show for it.
 The same goes for a messenger bag. Obviously these bags are show dirt, and grime, a bit quicker than a standard darker color. In my opinion this line of bags will only look better and better, the more it gets used.
 I am absolutely in love with this color combo, and will be releasing a very limited run of this "Medic Series" of bags. This line will compile 24 pieces, and that's it. 3 Pieces in each size/products. Here is the breakdown of what will be available.

Large Messenger: 3
Medium Messenger: 3
Small Messenger: 3
Large Hip: 3
Medium Hip: 3
Mini Hip: 3
Super Mini Hip: 3
Cell Pouch: 3

For now I am pre-releasing 3 Messenger Bags. 1 in each size. The remainder of this line will be released before summer. For now, you have a chance to get Bag 1 of 3, depending on how fast you act. Furthermore if you jump on this now, not only will you be able be on of the first, but you will also still qualify to get it on sale!
The remainder of this line will be released on 5/1

***UPDATE! Only 15min on the site, and the large is already gone! Jump on these while there's time!!***

***UPDATE 2: Small has sold. It's down to 1 Medium messenger remaining. Get on it now, or wait until May!***

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