Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Add the new FB Profile as a friend and enter to win a $50 credit at the web-store!

LISTEN UP FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $50 Transient Bag Co Credit!
Starting today there will be a new ongoing promotional contest for you facebook friends out there! Here's how it works.

Every 100th new friend of the page up to 1000, will receive a notification message thanking them, and letting them know that they have won a $50 credit at transientbags.com!

Here's where the existing friends come in. If someone you refer sends a message along with their friend request stating who they were referred by, you will also receive the same amount in credit in the webstore!

How you like that for incentive? All you need to do is spread the word, and make sure to tell your friends to mention who sent them when they add Transient Bag Co! It's a win/win when you think about it. Not only could you potentially get $50, but you can also stay on top of new products/colorways, and sale announcements on a daily basis!

From now on, friends requests will be responded to once a week, just to keep everyone guessing, and keep things fair. Where it stands, we're only 28 requests away from the first in a hopefully long list of winners.

Spread the word, Tell your friends, and Stay tuned!
Limit 1 gift card per participant.


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