Monday, August 27, 2012

Rally Time!

 So this past weekend turned out to be quite the experience over here in Bmore. Local moped club The Baltards hosted a rally that I had the privileged of sponsoring, but also attending! Here's some photos of the event, and a sick custom Messenger bag that got raffled off (along with some other great gear!).

This past week hit the ground running for me to get ready for an entire weekends worth of awesome. In order to do so, I needed to wrap on some pending orders, and get the Rally Prizes together. After a last minute opportunity, my friend Dan over at Pizza Party Printing (check them out, they do some sick posters, and shirts!) help out by screening the rally bag! This guy has a pretty killer home-office if you ask me. Basement work it honestly where it's at people! Look close and you can see the Baltards screen clamped to that spiffy 6 color press of his!

Head on Past the break for loads more photos!

Silver Metallic. Straight up T-2000 looking plastisol, and looking rad!

Here comes Kitty fresh outta the flash dryer.

Now we jump back over to my side of things to turn that sweet print into a bag.

Final Product to be raffled off to a lucky someone. Now it's time to ride!

This was a 3 day event.. Day 1 we all met up, introductions, beers, and last minute wrenching was had. Followed by a nice ride around the city, and some Blasting on the Grand Prix course that is happening in town this upcoming weekend. 

Day 2 after everyone woke up and worked through the hangovers from the night before. After some much needed coffee, we embarked on the shore-side slow-ride. This was a nice 30+ mile slow ride out around the county, ending with a shore house, swimming, more beer than you could fathom, cook outs, and raffling off prizes!

RVA Representing

Quick stop at the halfway point to shotgun beers, and fine-tune the bikes

We made it! Now it's time for some food, swimming, and beverages provided by the oh-so-hospitable Baltards!

Raffle Time! The crazy kids had the amazing idea to add a little mystery to the giveaways by storing everyone's loot in pizza boxes. Here's some Transient gear about to be given away, along with some other rad goodies provided by fellow sponsors Treats, 1977Mopeds, and Quarterkick, not to mention some great Natty Boh merch (they sent some shirts along with the insane amount of beer they donated!).

This fine and upstanding gentleman won the custom Baltards Messenger bag. Think he liked it?

Day 3 entailed a quick ride back home to the city right before we got hit with some near hurricane rains. Everyone piled inside for a little swap meet, before packing up and saying goodbye. 
Thank you so much to everyone that made it out to this, and for their encouragement and support. Not to mention the great times, new faces, and all around great time. 


Dan Petruccelli- Pizza Party Printing LLC 

Patrick Harden- For letting me jack most of these pictures. I need a better camera!

And last but certainly not least, The Baltards! You guys know how to throw one hell of a party. Thank you so much for opening your doors to everyone and hosting/organizing a great weekend. not to mention driving that support Van and hooking everyone up with some great rally packs. I really can't wait to see what you guys come up with next year!


kpbaltard said...

thanks, man! thanks so much to you for supporting us by donating your amazing merch and being a sponsor.

kpbaltard said...

thanks so much to you for donating your amazing merch and being one of our sponsors!