Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh My Deer!

Back in 1949 My Great-Grandfather built a house in a field on Main St. in West Newbury MA. He died a little over 35 years ago. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in this house, spending time with my great-grandmother, and my grandmother.

Today my Grandmother remains as the only occupant, and sadly it is time for her to sell the home, and move into something more suitable. She's currently cleaning it out, and trimming the fat (so to speak). Going through generations worth of keepsakes and knick-knacks. 

She called me about a month ago, and told me she came across something that I might be interested in..My Great-grandpa was not only a carpenter, but also a hunter and she had found a box of tanned/treated deerskin pelts that had been leftover from the last hunting season before his death. "Great-Grampy Macy" was the kind of hunter that respected it enough to use everything  She told me that they were in great shape, and asked if I thought I could do anything with them. I typically tend to shy away from animal based materials, but I told her I would love to take a look at them, and depending on the shape of them, I would see what I could do. 

Well, they arrived in the mail last week, and I was absolutely blown away. Honestly, when I talked to her over the phone, I didn't really give it a second though. Like I said before, I've never used animal based products, nor wanted to go out of my way to do so. With that said, these salvaged skins are absolutely beautiful, and I still can't get over the shape of them at almost 40 years old. 

So thanks to my Nana, my Great-Grampy Macy's hides will be living on through a small limited run of Deerskin Transient products. Stay tuned!


Buckskin has launched, and is available on the site!

***UPDATE 2!!!***
That was quick! Less than a week and they're gone. Sorry to everyone that held out!

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