Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LOTS of Updates!!

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sure as hell happy that spring is upon us! Back to enjoyable riding weather, and not having to wear multiple layers and thermals to get from A to B without freezing. Next thing you know we'll be riding home from last call, in shorts & tshirts!

Stock has been slowly getting updated on the site in preparation for summer. Lots of black hip pouches, as well as some great looking earth tones & duckblind camo!

Messenger Bags Have also been updated (with many more to come). Now featuring Black reflective tape!!! Also Available is a really clean looking Navy Blue ballistic base featured currently on the Tan messenger bags with more amazing color combos to come!

Last but most certainly not least, the Transient Cell pouch has gotten a much needed sizing update! Introducing the Cell pouch 2.0. Now big enough to fit those pocket computers you call phones, and the ruggedized cases that accompany them! Pictured is an Iphone 3g in an Otterbox Case. Newer smartphones are a bit thinner, wider, and some are a bit taller. All of these factors have been taken into account for this great new pouch! While the pouch has been updated, the price has not!

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