Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Limited Edition Tactical Pouches!

So how much do you guys know about the fabric I use for the base of my messenger bags? Probably less than you're about to!

The base of the messenger bags I make is compromised of a 1680D Ballistic Nylon. This stuff is one of the most rugged and durable fabrics out there. Originally it was developed by Dupont in WWII for Flak Jackets (still is today), over the years people have used this stuff for the construction of everything from sneakers, to luggage, to motorcycle jackets, to bullet proof vests! I kinda think that ought to give you a good idea of how much this stuff can take a beating.

Over the past year or so, I have aquired a decent amount of scraps of this from cutting patterns for my messenger bags. Last week I chopped all that scrap up and turned it into some pretty incredible looking pouches. These are a little more stiff than the standard Cordura I use, and will take one hell of a beating! They are $2/ea more than regular pouches, due to the fabric being a bit more expensive, and the fact that these are limited edition pouches. You may see another batch of these next year, but I doubt I'll be making anything like these up again before that. Get them while they last!

Cell Pouches $19/ea

MINI Pouches $22/ea

Medium Pouches $37/ea

Large Pouches $52/ea

Available Stock

Black Tactical w/ Black velcro, Black trim & Red Liner/
Cell Pouches: 3
Mini Pouches: 3
Medium Pouches: 2
Large Pouches: 4

Red Tactical w/ Black velcro, Black trim, & Black Liner 
 Cell Pouches: 3
Mini Pouches: 3 
Medium Pouches: 2

Forest Green Tactical w/ Black Velcro, Black Trim, & Yellow Liner
Cell Pouches: 3
Mini Pouches: 3
Medium Pouches: 2

Gray Tactical w/ Black Velcro, Black trim, and Yellow Liner
Cell Pouches: 3
Mini Pouches: 2
Medium Pouches: 1
Large Pouches:2

E-mail me @ with any questions or to place an order.. 


Lars said...

Great pouches, just like the regular ones but in the heavier cordura. All in all, very pleased - Alex is quick to respond to emails and shipping was fast and fairly priced!

Thanks, Alex!

Anonymous said...

I think your mini hip pouch is just the perfect size. Only if I could get it in black and with a U-lock holster like in the medium version.